Your backlog is really just a wishlist

It's a tale as old as corporate America.

You have your to-do list. It's full of stuff that you wish you could get done, but you never find the time. Days and weeks go by, and your tasks are just staring you in the face. Laughing at you. "You'll never get me done," they say, "I'm going to be here forever."

Why does this happen? It's not because you're not disciplined. It's not because you don't know your priorities. It's because your calendar won't help you make time for the stuff that really matters. Instead, you spend your days in meetings, and your evenings trying to just keep your schedule for the next day under control. You're perennially behind, and your calendar isn't helping.

What if your to-do list met your calendar?

At Reclaim, we envision a world where you can express your needs to your calendar, and your calendar adapts and flexes to make sure you get time for them. We believe that your to-do list shouldn't be disconnected from where you spend time. Everything takes time, and your backlog is no exception.

Enter tasks

That's why we launched Tasks. Tasks brings your to-do list into the calendar. All you need to do is tell Reclaim what you need to get done, when it's due, and how much time you need, and Reclaim takes care of the rest.

Time blocking, but smarter

You might be asking "Well, why can't I just do this myself? I block time on my calendar by myself every day!"

The answer is simple: time blocking by yourself is just too damn hard, and...doesn't really work.


  • Your calendar changes all the time. When you block time yourself, it's a plan that won't last more than an hour or two. Someone invites you to a meeting, and there goes your focused work for the day.
  • You need to stay available and flexible. If you're the kind of person who has a crazy calendar, it's likely that you can't just block your whole day off with focus time. You need to be available for meetings, and time blocking by yourself makes that super hard.
  • You have better things to do. Our users report spending nearly 20% of their workweeks just managing their calendar and blocking time. We think that's silly.

Tasks solves this problem elegantly: rather than just blocking time on your calendar, Reclaim keeps your time blocks for your tasks free and flexible until you start running up against your due date. When your Task events get interrupted by meetings, they automatically reschedule. You don't need to think about managing your time blocks or worry about clearing them out to make yourself available: Reclaim takes care of all of that for you.


Manage Tasks from where you already work

We want Reclaim to be a destination for all the things you need time for. We know that you already have lots of places where you capture your to-dos and manage your backlog, so we've built Tasks to integrate with the platforms where you work best.

Our Slack integration lets you manage and create Tasks easily from Slack. You can tell Reclaim to move Tasks on your calendar, add new Tasks using simple commands, and even create Tasks from Slack messages! The integration also shows you your agenda broken down by event type, so you know exactly how your time is allocated each day.

Google Tasks + Calendar

We've also integrated with Google Tasks to make it super simple to manage your Tasks from your calendar. Once you set up the integration, any Tasks you create in Reclaim will automatically get synced to Google Tasks, and you can make changes to them directly from Google Tasks -- no need to worry about keeping things in sync, Reclaim does that for you.

We're working on tons of integrations as we speak, making it super easy for you to work Reclaim into your existing workflow for to-dos and tasks.

You can also interact with Tasks directly from Google Calendar, making changes as you see fit. Want to do a Task tomorrow? Just delete the event on your calendar. Want to change start time or spend longer on a Task? Just modify the event on your calendar. It's like having an assistant in the background.

Join the revolution

Since we launched on ProductHunt, Reclaim has blocked nearly 5000 hours of time on people's calendars for their Tasks. That's over 6 months of Task time!

If you're tired of your backlog getting away from you, and you're ready for your calendar to actually work to make your to-do list real, maybe it's time to try Tasks out.